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Article: Searching for the Perfect Electronic Medical Record Program, by Dr. C.B. Daniel

Patient Tracker for Palm OS

System Requirements  
Handheld Operating System Palm OS 3.0 or better
Required Device Memory 180Kb

* Total Download Size: 4Mb
* Total Download Time: 12min @ 28.8Kb

PTPalmSetup.exe - 4Mb

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Click here to download the Patient Tracker 5.2 Manual - 290Kb

You may want to print this page to use as a reference when you are offline.

To install this product:

  • Ensure that Palm Desktop is installed on your computer. Palm Desktop came with your Palm-compatible handheld device.
  • Download Patient Tracker by clicking the "Download Now" button (above).  When prompted, select "Save this program to disk". Note the folder to which you are saving the product.
  • Once the download is complete, double-click the PTPalmSetup.exe program file on your hard disk.
  • Notice that this download is much larger because it is a windows installer. It also includes the desktop HotSync components all in one package.
  • Patient Tracker for Palm OS will be installed to your device the next time you sync.

Congratulations!  You now have installed Patient Tracker for Palm OS!


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